giovedì 3 giugno 2010

Anonimi artisti egiziani (personale motonave "Lady Sophia")

5 commenti:

  1. There is so much variety on this fairly new blog. The coloured lizard is exceptional. Who thought that towels could be transformed into art. Your sunscape photographs are brilliant, and the sleeping / tired men are so emotive. Well done - keep posting.

  2. Magic moments of a cruise ship, we went on Saga Cruise and it was very much like this.

    Thanks for your visit and kind comments.

    Nice blog you have.

  3. These are really beautiful and interesting creations made of towel.
    All other photos on your blog are really beautiful and interesting.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment.

  4. Heh, heh! You, or whoever did all of these is very creative. What great fun! And I think a great talent is involved.

    Thanks so much for visiting our Paree blog and for your kind comments.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. You presented a very interesting and creative art work here. Thanks for sharing.


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